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Amsterdam Model Agency is an authentic boutique modeling agency that specializes in technical fitting models. AMA guarantees dimensionally stable models, reliability, personal contact and we can get just as excited about small as well as large clients.
AMA also supplies models for commercial assignments and webshops. If the correct model is not in our database, Petra will look for the right model for the assignment. Need makeup and styling? We can arrange that too.


Petra de Groot, who has been working as a model for many years, commercial model and fitting model, started Amsterdam Model Agency in 2015. What started as a small company quickly turned out to be a golden opportunity: now not only our own WE Fashion and Gaastra find their way to AMA, but also the big internationals such as Coca Cola and Yamaha get their reliable models delivered by the versatile AMA database.
Petra always has personal contact with client and model. Ideally, Petra would like to be present on every set, but of course that is not possible. Which is why she is available seven days a week.


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